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How to earn karma

In JungleDragon, you can earn karma by positive actions. Karma determines your position in your foodchain and raises you influence, capabilities and JungleDragon experience. In order to maximize the karma you earn, whilst still playing fair, the following guidelines may be of help.

Contribute content

By far the most fast and predictable way to earn karma is to upload photos to JungleDragon. This will give you an immediate reward. Make sure that your photo is relevant and legal though or a moderator may undo your reward. You will earn extra karma points for photos of a high resolution, with exif included and/or geotagged photos.

Besides photos, other content contributions are also rewarded, including forum activity and the creation of photo lists. The more you put in, the more karma you are rewarded.

Identify species

Indentifying the species on wildlife photos is one of the most important community activities in JungleDragon. Help identify species to earn extra karma. You can identify species on your own photos but once you have earned the social image editing capability, you can also do so on photos uploaded by others.

View unidentified photos

Provide quality

The other important way to earn karma is when the community votes, comments, or favorites your content. More people will interact with your content and vote on it when it is of a high quality.

Another aspect of quality is to accurately describe your content. This allows more people to find it, and therefore vote on it. Other ways to improve you karma reward for image uploads is by including Exif data in your images and uploading images of a high resolution.

Make friends

Make friends by following the people you like. Let people follow you because you provide great content and help. With a network of friends in place, even more people will automatically see all your contributions.

Be a good citizen

Be reasonable and follow the community guidelines. People will respect you for it and friend you. You will also avoid the risk of being moderated, downvoted or reported.