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Terms and conditions

By signing up for a JungleDragon account, you agree with the following terms and conditions for using JungleDragon. These terms and conditions may change over time without prior notice to you. The latest and active version of the terms and conditions can always be found at:


If you do not speak legalese, here is a summary:

  • We are friendly, and do not engage in dark or evil methods
  • Your photos are yours and forever will be, yet you grant us the right to display your photos
  • We do not resell your photos or data
  • What you share is public, except for your email address and password, so you are in full control over your privacy
  • We do not spam you, we have reasonable default notifications, which you can alter to your needs
  • This site comes with no warranty, we do not accept legal responsibility for any (unlikely) harm it may do to you.

Please find below the full terms and conditions:

1. Definitions

  • You: The biological user of JungleDragon.
  • We: The legal owner of JungleDragon.

2. Warranty and liability

We do not accept any legal responsibility for damage done to you, material or immaterial, via the usage of JungleDragon. The JungleDragon service comes with no warranty for you, the availability of the service or the content that you upload into it.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you state that you are of a legal age to accept such a legal binding.

3. Local and international leglislation

You agree to comply with local and international leglislation for importing, viewing and exporting content of JungleDragon.

4. Ownership

The ownership of images contributed to JungleDragon lies with the original owner (copyright holder) of the image, unless the image is in the public domain. Image details (title, description, tags, etc), image comments, user favorites, image and comment votes, user account data and friend data is owned by JungleDragon, under the constraints of our privacy policy.

By uploading photos to JungleDragon, you grant JungleDragon the right to display your photos on the JungleDragon website and associated JungleDragon channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. In all cases, your work is attributed, both on the website itself, as on its related channels.

The JungleDragon name, logo, domain, website design and related graphics are exclusively owned by JungleDragon.

5. Privacy

You agree that JungleDragon records all your actions in the system, for the sake of community building and to protect against abuse. Common actions that you can do, such as uploading images or friending other users are visible to all. All content that you contribute to JungleDragon, excluding your password and email address, is visible to every user of JungleDragon, whether they have an account or not.

You have the right to protect your privacy. You are only required to fill out your user name on your profile, which will be visible to all. We will never resell your account information to other parties, with the exception of a change in ownership of JungleDragon. We currently do not serve ads, but we reserve the right to place context sensitive advertising within JungleDragon in the future. We also reserve the right to use your behavioral data in JungleDragon to provide content recommendations. All of these rights are claimed to better serve the you and the community, and never to invade anyone's privacy.

If you find that you or another user of JungleDragon has invaded on your privacy, contact us to have the content be deleted.

If through a breach in the JungleDragon security system your personal data (such as your email address) is exposed publicly, we do not accept any legal responsibility, as stated in section 2. Needless to say, we will do everything in our power to prevent such an occurence.

You agree to have only one account for the JungleDragon system.

JungleDragon accepts the responsibility to not send you unwarranted emails. Exceptions to this rule are for key events, such as a password reset, downtime notices or major feature announcements.

6. Copyright

You agree to only upload images and content that you own or have permission for from the original owner as dictated by national and international copyright law.

You agree to comply with special conditions for using the works of others that you do have permission for, such as the need for attribution, derative works, and any other conditions that apply to the license granted by the original owner.

You agree to not commercially exploit JungleDragon in an intrusive manner. Examples of such behavior is the inclusion of large banners in your images or the commercial sharing of a website in comments and other places inside JungleDragon.

JungleDragon accepts the responsibility to take down images that infringe on copyright laws on request. The JungleDragon system has an image report function, which requires an account, that allows you to request such takedowns. If you do not want to sign up for an account, contact us to request the content takedown.

7. Moderation

JungleDragon is actively moderated by the JungleDragon community (the JungleDragon users) as by JungleDragon staff itself.

JungleDragon does not guarantee that you will not be confronted with content that is distasteful, inappropriate or illegal. For example, the JungleDragon content may contain swearing, or occurences of natural violence.

All registered users of JungleDragon have the right to report content and users that they find inappropriate. JungleDragon accepts the responsibility to respond to these reports within 5 business days of the report date and act accordingly.

JungleDragon reserves the right to practice the following counter measures in case the content you contribute or the behavior you exercise violates our rules:

  • Deletion of the content
  • Modification of the content
  • Temporarily disabling an account
  • Sending direct warning emails to the violator
  • Permanently deleting/banning a user account
  • Resetting or reducing the karma score (reputation) of the violator
  • Taking away moderation rights (if you have them)

These counter measures will be applied based on the severity of the violation. These violations include:

  • The uploading of illegal content
  • The uploading of content that infringes on copyright law
  • The posting of content that is off-topic to this community
  • The posting of offensive, discriminating or sexual content
  • The harassment of other users
  • The misuse or overuse of JungleDragon resources, the reputation system, the security system
  • The violation of the privacy of another user
  • The posting of duplicate contributions or contributions that are of a too low quality to be usable
  • The misuse of moderation rights (if you have them)
  • Attempting to commercially exploit JungleDragon
  • Bringing JungleDragon, its community and its content at risk by publishing about vulnerabilities, cheat guides, and other content of an aggressive nature towards JungleDragon.
  • Misuse of the JungleDragon brand or its ownership

You agree that some members of JungleDragon have moderation rights and that they exercise these rights according to their own judgement, outside of the JungleDragon owners.

You agree that if you have this right yourself, you do not abuse it for content destruction, community obstruction or for your own personal gain. If you feel that a moderator is being unreasonable or misusing his rights, you can report them using the user report function.

You agree to adhere to the Community Guidelines of appropriate content and behavior.


You agree that the name JungleDragon is exclusively owned by the owners of the JungleDragon service you are viewing now. You do not misrepresent this brand or claim its ownership. You agree to not alter the logo or original graphics of JungleDragon when publishing about JungleDragon.

The JungleDragon design, logo and website graphics are exclusively owned by JungleDragon. You may include these in your publications, but never claim ownership of them. You agree to ask for permission before using these resources in a commercial setting.