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How to identfy species on photos?

JungleDragon allows you to identify the species (animal, plants or fungus) on a photo. When identified, background information about the species is shown next to the photo. This enables people to learn about the species' taxonomy, distrubution, diet, habitat and other interesting information.

Who can identify species?

When signed in, you can identify species on photos that you uploaded. If you have earned the social image editing capability, you can also identify species on photos uploaded by others. Other users with this capability can also identify species on your photos. Identifying species is therefore a community activity, where we help each other.

How to identify species?

On photos that you are allowed to identify the species on, you will find the "Identify species" button in the right sidebar of the photo page. Use this button on photos that contain species only, if the photo is a landscape, identification is not relevant. In the "Add species" dialog, simply search for a species name.

Identification is a somewhat delicate process, therefore please consider the detailed instructions below:

  • JungleDragon uses the english version of Wikipedia as a source of species information. Therefore, the identification must occur in English.
  • You can search for species by either the common name or the scientific name
  • If there is no species page at Wikipedia for your search string, identification will fail.
  • Identification must happen at the species or sub species level. This means it needs to be exact enough. A "Bear" is not considered a species, but a "Brown bear" is.
  • In case you are having trouble matching a species, check Wikipedia. Only species pages will match with JungleDragon. A species page at Wikipedia can be recognized by two elements. 1) the taxonomy box is present on the right side of the page. 2) the taxonomy box contains the property "binomial" or "trinomial". Only when these two conditions are met, JungleDragon is able to identify the species.
  • If you are still having trouble matching a species page from Wikipedia, be sure to check the spelling of the species. Furthermore, some species pages in Wikipedia are case sensitive.
  • If a species has been used before, you can simply pick it from the suggestion list in the dialog.
  • If a species has not been used before and you enter a valid species name, JungleDragon will fetch the species information from Wikipedia, which may take a few seconds. This only happens once per species.
  • Sometimes an appearently valid species name will fail due to the scientific and Wikipedia community disagreeing on a name. For example, "African Elephant" seems like a valid species name, yet at Wikipedia the consensus is that "African Bush Elephant" is the proper term. As few people will know this, this may lead to frequent species identification failures. In such cases, JungleDragon is able to manually create an alias, meaning that "African Elephant" will automatically be mapped to "African Bush Elephant". These aliases are maintained manually, please contact us if you think one should be created.

Species information

When JungleDragon is able to match a species search string with a Wikipedia page, it will try to download and parse selective pieces of species information from Wikipedia. This is a complex process due to the large variety of formats in which Wikipedia authors may write and structure this information. If you think there is an error on the JungleDragon species information pages, please report them.

Note that JungleDragon has limitations for revisualizing complex Wikipedia markup, such as tables.