The JungleDragon wildlife forums are a friendly place to socialize and discuss nature, wildlife, photography and conservation.

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News and announcements

Official forum for the latest JungleDragon news and announcements
173 216 one year ago

Introduce yourself

New members introduce yourself here to instantly connect, make friends and get help
96 17 one month ago


The place to socialize about anything you like. All topics are welcome.
166 11 2 months ago


Learn about our special photo assignments and win cool prizes!
32 218 4 years ago


Photograph based on assignments organized by the community
10 9 one year ago

The Cinema

Check out JungleDragon's video compilations and post your favorite Youtube and Vimeo nature videos
57 8 9 months ago


Ultra secret forum accessible only to JungleDragon users having the Lion Class
101 7 3 months ago

Wildlife Stories

Read trip reports, stories and experiences from the field.
17 8 one year ago

Photo campus

A place to learn and share wildlife photography tips
23 9 one year ago

Photo gear

Tell us about your gear and assist others in purchasing options
35 8 9 months ago

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Zoology / identification

Post unidentified photos of species here to get help
92 12 7 months ago


Discuss those lovely, colorful diverse flying things here
9 6 one year ago

Fish and Sealife

All things below sea level. Take a deep breath before you enter
3 3 6 years ago

Insects, Spiders, Snails

The glorious fantasy world of all tiny living things
8 4 one year ago


Discuss the warm-blooded, hairy creatures here
4 3 one year ago

Plants and Funghi

If it doesn't walk, swim or fly, it probably belongs here
4 8 one year ago

Reptiles and amphibians

Cold-blooded creatures need love too.
1 5 one year ago

Landscapes and natural events

Nature scenes, landscapes and events
2 5 5 years ago

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