JungleDragon users are ranked by a class system based on nature's food chain, as well as medal accomplishments.

About the reputation system

As a member of JungleDragon, you build up reputation by earning karma points. You will be rewarded karma points for positive actions, for example when you upload an image or when other users vote on or favorite your content.

As you earn karma, you will be promoted to a higher class. Your class determines your position in the food chain and is visible everywhere you are mentioned. It is not only a badge of honour though. Classes unlock special powers and features too:


The influence you exercise in image and comment voting. The higher your class, the larger your influence. You get to decide which images are popular and have a large say in what is displayed on the homepage.

Upload quota

This power determines the amount of images you are allowed to upload. The higher your class, the higher your quota. There is even a class with no quota, allowing you to upload an unlimited amount of images.

Social image editing

With this power unlocked, you will able to edit the image title, description and tags for every image uploaded to JungleDragon, much like a Wiki. With this capability you will be able to earn even more karma and help the community.

Create photo lists

With this power unlocked, you are able to create photo lists. A photo list is a named collection of images. For example, you could create a "top 10 big cats" photo list and add existing photos to it. You can add any photo, not just your own.

Post in forum

With this ability, you can freely post topics and comments in the JungleDragon forum.

Access to exclusive forums

Some forums have exclusive access based on your reputation. Once you meet that reputation requirement, you're in.

Link love

By default, the website address you enter on your profile will have the nofollow attribute applied, discouraging spammers to sign up for manipulating search engines. Once you have earned the link love capability, the nofollow attribute is removed, boosting the importance of your site in search engines.

The JungleDragon foodchain

Based on the karma you have earned, you are assigned a class in the JungleDragon food chain. Your class determines your voting influence and access to locked features. Learn more

  1. Lion
    12. Lion
  2. Mountain Gorilla
    11. Mountain Gorilla
  3. Snow Leopard
    10. Snow Leopard
  4. Musk Oxen
    9. Musk Oxen
  5. Grizzly Bear
    8. Grizzly Bear
  6. Giant Tortoise
    7. Giant Tortoise
  7. Eagle Owl
    6. Eagle Owl
  8. King Cobra
    5. King Cobra
  9. Bull Frog
    4. Bull Frog
  10. Katipo Spider
    3. Katipo Spider
  11. Bullet Ant
    2. Bullet Ant
  12. Green Fly
    1. Green Fly