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Community guidelines

The following guidelines are here to guide you in what is considered acceptable and desired behavior on JungleDragon. These guidelines apply in addition to our Terms and conditions.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you.

Mind your tone.

Avoid swearing or insulting remarks, keep your courtesy. Remember, children may be watching. JungleDragon is a fun and educational resource, not a platform for raging flame wars or personal vendettas.

Be tolerant and forgiving.

Don't be superior. The community will have members from all walks of life. Some members may not speak English as their first language. Don't be a grammar nazi either. Instead, give compliments and help out.

Stay on topic.

This applies to both the content you upload and the conversation you have in the community. Avoid politics, nationalism, religion, nudity and obscenity.

Respect copyright.

Do not steal the work of others. Only upload images you own or have permission for. If it concerns work you did not create yet have permission for, credit the original author in the description.

Do not misuse JungleDragon.

Do not use JungleDragon for a purpose it was not intended for. Do not abuse it for hosting web graphics on your own site. Do not launch automated requests at JungleDragon. Do not hack JungleDragon or try to bring it down. Do not attempt to game the reputation system.

Do report problems

Be proactive in moderating others but also in reporting issues you may find. Do not expose vulnerabilities in public, let us know about it first and allow us to solve them.

Remember, we like you.

We did not create these community guidelines to police you. We just want to set a standard for community behavior so that all can enjoy JungleDragon peacefully. Be yourself and be nice.