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About EXIF data

EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format. EXIF data is image metadata that is stored inside the image file itself, such as in JPEG files. Examples of such data are the camera type and model, whether flash was used when taking the photograph, the aperture, date taken, and much, much more. Typically, your camera will automatically attach this EXIF data to your images, but some graphic programs also allow you to manually set them.

JungleDragon awards you extra karma points when you upload images with EXIF data in them.

When you upload a photo to JungleDragon to JungleDragon that contains EXIF data, we will automatically read the most relevant elements and show them next to your image on the image page. Please check the manual of your graphics or photo application on how to export images that contain EXIF data.

About IPTC data

IPTC data is extra textual information that you can optionally add to your photos from applications such as Lightroom. If you include this information in the photos you upload to JungleDragon, we will reuse it where we can, saving you from having to type it again.

Currently we read the following IPTC fields:

  • Title. If available, will be used as the photo title in JungleDragon.
  • Caption. If available, will be used as the photo description in JungleDragon.
  • Keywords. If available, will be used as tags for the photo in JungleDragon.