Showcase your JungleDragon accomplishments by collecting medals and ranking up in the class system.

JungleDragon Medals

JungleDragon deeply respects the community that makes this site go round. To appreciate members who make substantial contributions, medals are awarded. Medals are visible on your profile for all to see, acting as a medal of honour. Below is the overview of medals you can earn.


Photo feedback and knowledge sharing within JungleDragon occurs through photo comments and forum posts, it is the glue that connects the community. This medal is awarded for every 300 comments posted.


Sharing photos is one of the most important activities on the site. The photographer medal is rewarded to users for every 10 photos shared. Earn this medal several times to show pride in being a major contributor.


You can add external wildlife videos (Youtube or Vimeo) to JungleDragon species and country pages in order to enrich data available on the site. This medal is awarded for every 100 videos added.


One of the most valuable and recognized actions within JungleDragon is to introduce a new specie to the site. This means you uploaded the first photo of a specie, regardless of who actually identified the specie on your photo. This medal is awarded for every 50 species introduced.


JungleDragon builds a connection between photos and species, allowing for a rich educational experience. This medal is awarded to those tireless volunteers who use their wildlife knowledge to identify species on photos, it is awarded for every 100 specie idenfications. Specie identifications on your own photos as well on photos of others are included.


JungleDragon builds a rich connection between wildlife photos and locations, allowing for wildlife browsing using an interactive world map. This concept depends on users geotagging their photos, either by including geotag information inside your uploaded photos, or by manually geotagging a photo within JungleDragon. This medal is rewarded for every 50 photos geotagged.


JungleDragon allows you to create custom photos lists around a theme of your choice. This medal is awarded for every 100 photos added to lists.


JungleDragon encourages its members to promote JungleDragon content outside of JungleDragon, for example on social networks. Photo and specie pages have a sharing widget for this purpose. This medal is awarded for every 10 JungleDragon pages shared via this widget.


JungleDragon is open to all and is always hungry for new members, but this medal shines a light on loyal existing members. This medal is awarded for every 180 days of membership. Your membership is calculated based on your join date. The medal itself is only awarded during activity on the site.


JungleDragon encourages you to upload your photos in a high resolution, up to a generous file size limit. This allows for JungleDragon's HD photo viewing capabilities. This medal is awarded for every 20 hires photos shared. Hires means either the width or height of your photo is above 2000 pixels, depending on the photo orientation.