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 Wildlife Mega Panoramas

A mega panorama is an enormous photo typically stitched together from various photos. Where normal panoramas may span 3-5 photos, mega panoramas may span 10 or more photos, leading to photos with hundreds of mega pixels.

JungleDragon has a file size limit, yet no limit on the resolution your files may have, therefore you are perfectly able to upload mega panoramas. Combined with JungleDragon's full screen photo viewer which allows you to deeply zoom and pan into images, mega panoramas really shine here.

Instructions on experiencing mega panoramas:
1. Make you are signed in
2. Open a mega panorama photo
3. Click on the photo to open it fullscreen
4. Click on the "eye" icon to load the hi-res photo. Be patient, this may take a while
5. Use your mousewheel to zoom, drag to pan

Note that huge mega panoramas may significantly slow down your browser, or even crash it.

Ferdy Christant created this list 9 years ago