Peppery milk-cap

Lactifluus piperatus

''Lactifluus piperatus'' , commonly known as the peppery milk-cap, is a semi-edible basidiomycete fungus of the genus ''Lactifluus''. Despite being edible, it is not recommended by some because of its poor taste, though can be used as seasoning when dried. The fruiting body is a creamy-white mushroom which is funnel-shaped when mature, with exceptionally crowded gills. It bleeds a whitish peppery-tasting milk when cut. Widely distributed across Europe and eastern North America, ''Lactifluus piperatus'' has been accidentally introduced to Australia. Mycorrhizal, it forms a symbiotic relationship with various species of deciduous tree, including beech, and hazel, and fruiting bodies are found on the forest floor in deciduous woodland.