Sonoran Desert centipede

Scolopendra polymorpha

''Scolopendra polymorpha'', the common desert centipede, tiger centipede, banded desert centipede, or Sonoran Desert centipede, is indigenous to the Southwestern United States and northern Mexico, north to the Pacific coast. It inhabits dry grasslands, forest, and desert; in these habitats, the centipedes generally take up residence under rocks, though they have been observed creating burrows in suitable environments and inside rotting logs. Their bodies generally reaches 4–7 in in length. Coloration is variable, hence the species name ''polymorpha'' which means "many forms", and alternative common names like "multicolored centipede". The body segments have one dark lateral stripe, so they are also known as the tiger centipede or tiger-striped centipede. Generally, this species has a darker brown-, red-, or orange-colored head and lighter brown, tan, or orange body segments with yellow legs. Its antennae have seven or more smooth segments.
SpeciesS. polymorpha