Checkered Periwinkle

Littorina scutulata

''Littorina scutulata'' is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Littorinidae, the winkles or periwinkles.
Checkered Periwinkle There's a little black snail inside that checked shell, but he's quite shy and wouldn't show much at all. These were rather abundant, although many of the shells were no longer inhabited by periwinkles at all, but rather the adopted home of a legion of tiny little hermit crabs.  Littorina scutulata


Lives lower on rocks than does ''Littorina planaxis''. Migrates up and down rocks with the tide. Crawl out of tidepools at night, in during the day. Often hide at low tide in cracks or barnacle shells. Muscular waves of foot travel from front to rear . The waves on the two sides of the foot are out of phase with one another . Feeds mainly on diatom films, microscopic algae, lichens, etc. Will also feed on ''Pelvetia'', ''Ulva'', other larger algae. Breeds in all seasons except summer. Eggs are laid underwater, individually packaged in flattened capsules within a sausage-shaped gelatinous mass coiled in a spiral and holding over 2000 eggs. Leptasterias hexactis feeds on this snail. Eye anatomy is similar to that of the land snail Helix aspera. In Oregon over 10% of individuals harbor parasitic flukes.{{EOL|10457497''Littorina scutulata'' Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory||| . Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory. Accessed through: EOL at on 6 February 2012}}


Kodiak Island, Alaska to Bahia de Tortuga, Baja California.


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SpeciesL. scutulata