Adelaide trapdoor spider

Blakistonia aurea

Blakistonia aurea Hogg, 1902, colloquially known as the Adelaide trapdoor spider is a spider in the family Idiopidae known from a large range in southern Australia with higher population densities in some areas around Adelaide and on the Fleurieu Peninsula.
Adelaide Trap Door Spider Blakistonia aurea

This one was heading towards my back door about to tackle my thongs.
A bit of heavy rain this evening and that is when they come out, best to avoid those dasyurids and other such predators. Adelaide Trap Door Spider,Adelaide trapdoor spider,Blakistonia aurea,south australia


It is a medium sized Idiopid with females reaching around 35mm and males 32mm.


Blakistonia aurea is the most well known and most broadly distributed spider in the genus Blakistonia, but overall the range is still fairly limited: It is known from the north-eastern Eyre Peninsula, the Yorke Peninsula, Flinders Ranges, Fleurieu Peninsula, Mount Lofty Ranges, western Victoria and the far south-western New South Wales.
In this same range a few new species of Blakistonia have recently been described:
B. bassi (Ashton in the Mount Lofty Ranges,)
B. hortoni (south-west of Lake Eyre and Stuart Creek Station)
B. gemmelli (Flinders Ranges).
B. birksi (Ngarkat Conservation (Park s.e. Sth Aus.), Cleland Conservation Park, Mark Oliphant Conservation Park (Mount Lofty Ranges) and the Grampians National Park (Victoria)
B. maryae (Eyre Peninsula, Tumby Bay, Middleback Ranges, Kimba and the Gawler Ranges)


This spider may be aggressive but the toxicity is fairly low.


male: about 32 mm
In a burrow about 30 cm deep with a half-moon door


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Harrison, S.E.; Rix, M.G.; Harvey, M.S.; Austin, A.D. (2018) Systematics of the Australian spiny trapdoor spiders of the genus Blakistonia Hogg (Araneae: Idiopidae) - Zootaxa, vol.4518(1), pp.1-76.

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