Bramble Sawfly

Philomastix xanthophylax

Philomastix xanthophylax is a sawfly in the family Pergidae.
Brambles sawfly female ( Philomastix xanthophylax ) . It looked like the female just completed her egg laying task and needed to rest. First I believed that she was guarding her clutch of eggs but she barely moved even when gently touched . She was still alive and in the same position after 5 days but she was dead on day 6. The eggs hatched on day 9 after first observation  and the body of the female was still  in the same position . I was wondering if she stayed there to act as a guardian even as a dead one. Unfortionately I had to  continue our traveling and missed out to see how it all progressed. Bramble Sawfly,Philomastix xanthophylax


The larvae are green, with a pale brown head, a yellow stripe along each side, and two tail filaments. To pupate: the larvae burrow into several centimeters into the ground near the base of their food tree. The pupae are very dark brown and rounded. Adult females are brown with a yellow tip to the abdomen. The females have misshaped wings and cannot fly, but stay by their eggs, apparently guarding them. The males are smaller, and can fly,
Brambles sawfly female with hatched larvae ( Philomastix xanthophylax ) The larvae hatched on day 9 , the female died on day 6 after egg laying but was still sitting dead on the branch as if she was still guarding the brood. Maybe just a coincidence . Bramble Sawfly,Philomastix xanthophylax


This species feeds on Red Ash ( Alphitonia excelsor, RHAMNACEAE ).


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