Dendrobium nobile

Dendrobium nobile

The Noble Dendrobium, ''Dendrobium nobile'', is a member of the family Orchidaceae. It has become a popular cultivated decorative house plant, because it produces colourful blooms in winter and spring, at a time when little else is in flower. It is also one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, known as ''shí hú'' or ''shí hú lán'' . ''Dendrobium nobile'' is one of the most widespread ornamental members of orchid family. Its blooms are variegated in colour, shading from white through pink and purple, and the many different cultivated varieties produce different sized and coloured blooms.

''Dendrobium nobile'' is an epiphytic or lithophytic plant native to southern China , the Himalayas , and Indochina . The species is also reportedly naturalized in Hawaii.

''Dendrobium nobile'' occurs in lowland and mountain forests, often on mossy limestone rocks. It has strap-shaped, persistent leaves, and blooms mostly in winter and spring. It produces short, 2 to 4 flowered racemes, fragrant, waxy, and highly variable in color, arising from the upper nodes of leafed and leafless canes.

Examples of the species are grown in Tropical Nursery in London, and seeds are stored in the there.

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