Cryptocheilus bicolor

Cryptocheilus bicolor

The Orange Spider Wasp ''Cryptocheilus bicolor'' is a large, strikingly coloured spider wasp from Australia.
Spider-hunting Wasp (Cryptocheilus bicolor) A menacing-looking yet magnificent wasp about 30 to 35 mm long. It was especially striking when flying. It had brilliant orange wings, antennae, frons on head and tibiae and tarsi. There was also an orange band on an abdominal segment. The black was so deep on a "muscular" thorax and first few segments of abdomen. The femurs were also black as were the base of the wings. Eyes were red.
Spotted on Gahnia (native sword grass) in a park. Australia,Cryptocheilus bicolor,Geotagged,Summer


Females can be up to 35mm in length. The head, legs and antenna are black and orange-yellow in colour, with dark brown to black thorax and eyes . The wings are orange brown colour and there are the broad orange bands on the black abdomen.


This wasp is a predator of the Huntsman Spiders and Wolf Spiders . It paralyses the spider by stinging it in its underside. The prey is then and dragged to a burrow, dug by the female using shovel-like hairs on its front legs. The wasp then lays an egg on the spider, and conceals the nesting chamber at the end of the burrow. When the grub hatches it feeds on the spider before pupating in a thin silky cocoon in the cell.


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