Eastern timber Wolf

Canis lycaon

The Eastern Wolf , also known as Eastern Canadian Wolf or Eastern Canadian Red Wolf, may be a subspecies of gray wolf or a distinct species of canid native to the eastern part of North America since the Pleistocene era. It seems to be closely related to the Red Wolf. Some populations have also contained instances of hybridization with Coyotes, known as coywolves.

Many names were proposed, including the Eastern Wolf, Eastern Gray Wolf, Eastern Timber Wolf and Algonquin Wolf, although Eastern Wolf has appeared to gain the most recognition.
Eastern Timber Wolf This timber wolf belongs to a pack of timber wolves, who had - for different reasons - to be raised by hand. That made the animals so familiar with humans that they've lost their natural shyness. Therefor, they can't be brought back to living wildly. Now they live in the game reserve at Springe, Germany, making a really good job of educating people that wolves aren't "bad". Canidae,Canis lupus,Canis lupus lycaon,Canis lycaon,Eastern timber Wolf,Geotagged,Germany,Gray wolf,Timber wolf


The Eastern Wolf preys on white-tailed deer, moose, lagomorphs, and rodents including beaver, muskrat, and mice. Preying on American black bear was also reported. Studies in Algonquin Provincial Park showed that three species accounted for 99% of the wolves' diet: moose , white-tailed deer, and beaver . The wolves tend to prey more frequently on beaver in the summer, and on white-tailed deer in the winter.


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