Northwestern crow

Corvus caurinus

The northwestern crow is an all-black passerine bird of the crow genus native to the northwest of North America. It is very similar to the more western forms of the widespread American crow , but it averages slightly smaller with proportionately smaller feet and a slightly more slender bill. This taxon is reliably identified by range only.
My Old Friend! My friend, Peanut, is back. And he brought his friend. I believe it’s his mate. He’s on the right and slightly larger than the female. You may ask how I know it is the same crow that trained me to feed it peanuts last year? I have to say that his behavioural patterns are exactly the same and he also has got “used” to us far too quickly. Canada,Corvus caurinus,Geotagged,Northwestern crow,Winter


This species' plumage is virtually identical to that of the American crow. Individuals may be distinguished by in-hand criteria such as smaller wing chord and tail length, shorter tarsus, and smaller bill. Identification percentages increase when sex of animal is known. Like the American crow, the sexes look the same. Older birds in breeding condition may be reliably sexed by in-hand criteria such as cloacal protuberance or by brood patch . Younger birds may not attain breeding condition as they assist at the nest.
My Friend, Peanut, Waiting in the Rain. Peanut has returned and with another young crow. It is quite interesting because the youngster it was looking after last year is also around and although there is competition for favours it is not entirely banished. After listening to the three crows for the last four months I am getting better at discerning their “voices”. Canada,Corvus caurinus,Geotagged,Northwestern crow,Summer


This species occurs in coastal regions and offshore islands of southern Alaska, south through British Columbia to Washington state. Beaches and shorelines are the principal forage areas. It can often be seen in and around urban areas.
A New Found Friend, A Northwestern Crow (Corvis caurinus) This fellow has realized that there are always peanuts in my pocket! He has quickly become my new BFF. Fortunately enough for both of us there is an abundant supply of food available on the surrounding beach and he spends most of the day foraging there. Canada,Corvus caurinus,Geotagged,Northwestern crow,Summer


This species occurs in coastal regions and offshore islands of southern Alaska, south through British Columbia to Washington state. Beaches and shorelines are the principal forage areas. It can often be seen in and around urban areas.
Coming In For A Landing. My friend, part of a local murder, is checking to see if I am far enough away from the peanut he is eyeing to make a safe landing. 
On the leading edge of the wing you can see a group of small feathers called the alula. Recent, 2015, studies using digital particle image velocimetry have determined that the alula causes a streamwise vortex increasing the lift force while enhancing the manoeuvrability when landing or flying at high angles of attack. The alula acts very similar to the leading edge slat of an airplane. Canada,Corvus caurinus,Geotagged,Northwestern crow,Winter


Very similar to that of the fish crow; the northwestern crow eats stranded fish, shellfish, crabs and mussels, and also searches through refuse containers for suitable food items. It has been seen to fly into the air with mussels and drop them onto hard surfaces to break them open. It also regularly eats insects, other invertebrates, and various fruits . It raids other birds' nests to eat eggs and hatchlings.
Caramel Crow he's even got a name (given by a crow researcher)- wait for it... Ferdinand ;p 
She's asked that his exact location be protected, so I'll just tag this one USA

Brown crows are uncommon, certainly less common than partially leusistic ones, and science is actually unsure of what causes this coloration. The non-conformity does not appear to affect their situation in crow society - unlike albino crows, who tend to be rejected, they mate and raise young normally. It would also seem to not be a dominant trait, as known offspring of caramel crows have been seen to be normally colored. Corvus caurinus,FoundFerdinand,Northwestern crow


An incomplete list includes cats, raccoons, raptors and ravens. The crows often gather in large groups to mob these predators.
Crow There is loneliness in the world even among animals.  Corvus caurinus,Northwestern crow,loneliness


Generally solitary, but sometimes built in association with a few other individuals in small, loose colonies in trees or sometimes large bushes. Very rarely, it will nest on cliffs in a recess or even on the ground in a remote area if overhung by a rock for shelter. It is a typical crow nest with 4-5 eggs usually laid.


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