Striped hawk-moth

Hyles livornica

''Hyles livornica'', the striped hawk-moth, is a moth of the family Sphingidae.
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''Hyles livornica'' has a wingspan reaching 60–80 mm. Males are slightly smaller than females. The fore wings and the body are mainly olive brown or beige, with white stripes. The hind wings are pink, with black and white edges. The head and the thorax are olive-brown, with white stripes. The olive-brown abdomen has black-and-white segment, the first two segments have large black and white side spots. The antennae are dark olive brown and have a white tip.

These moths fly from February to October depending on the location. In Europe they are visible from April to June and from August to September in two generations and sometimes they overwinter. This species is a migrant from Africa to Europe.

The caterpillars are green, with black markings and reach a length from 65 to 80 millimeters. They feed on various plants, mainly on ''Galium'', ''Gossypium'', ''Rumex'', ''Vitis'', ''Euphorbia'', ''Linaria'', ''Epilobium'', ''Antirrhinum'', ''Scabiosa'', ''Linum'', ''Fuchsia'' and ''Asphodelus''.
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This species is found in Africa, Southern Europe and Central and East Asia and Poland.


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