Azure Damselfly

Coenagrion puella

The Azure Damselfly is a species of damselfly found in most of Europe. It is notable for its distinctive black and blue colouring.
Azure Damselfly tandem, Berghem, Netherlands The females of the blue damselfly species (there's 6 in the Netherlands) are so variable that you often need a male to identify the species. Still, don't think I've seen a blue female before, or half-blue in this case. Azure Damselfly,Berghem,Coenagrion puella,Europe,Geotagged,Netherlands,Summer,World


Mature adults are seen frequently mating and laying eggs. It usually stays close to the vegetation around the pond or lake and flies from May to September.

This common Damselfly looks very like a Common Blue Damselfly, but a close look can distinguish the two. The behaviour is also different - unlike Common Blues, they rarely fly out over large stretches of water. They are not normally as common around August and September, June and July being the peak of their populations.


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