Murdannia lanuginosa

Murdannia lanuginosa

Murdannia lanuginosa (C. B. Cl.) Brucek. (Commelinaceae), an endemic plant to Western Ghats of Peninsular India. It is categorized as regionally endangered taxon owing to its restricted habitat and low population status in ateritic plateaus of Maharashtra and Karnataka.
Abolima (Murdania lanuginosa) Abolima (Murdania lanuginosa) - Wild flowers from Kaas Plateau western ghats.  Geotagged,India,Murdannia lanuginosa


Erect or suberect, branched herbs; fibrous roots often tuberous, slightly thickened; stem angular, glabrous or hairy. Leaves 3-6 x 0.4-0.8 cm, cauline, alternate, oblong-lanceolate or lanceolate, margin undulate, apex acute or shortly acuminate, base rounded, more or less amplexicaule, prominently striate, hairy; sheath 8-12 mm long, hairy. Flowers 5-6 mm long, 1-2, axillary to the upper leaf-sheaths; pedicels 2-4 cm long, erect or slightly bent in fruits, jointed at middle, hairy below the joints; bracteoles 2 at joints, ca. 1 mm long, membranous, ovate, obtuse. Calyx lobes 3, free, slightly unequal, ca. 6 x 2 mm, elliptic-oblong, subacute, straw-coloured, persistent. Petals 3, free, orange-yellow, bluish when dry, obovate, slightly longer than calyx lobes. Fertile stamens 3; filaments bearded; anthers 2-celled; staminodes 3. Capsule 5-7 mm long, oblong, trigonous, cuspidate with persistent style, 3-celled; seeds 3 or more, angular, pitted.
Flowering and fruiting: November-December
Marsh Dewflower Murdannia lanuginosa 
Vulnerable herb found in peninsular India,
The genus is named in honor of Murdan Aly, plant collector and former director of the herbarium at Saharunpore, India. Dewflower,Geotagged,India,Murdannia,vulnerable Murdannia lanuginosa


Common names: marsh dayflower, marsh dewflower • Marathi: अबोलिमा abolima

Aneilema lanuginosum Wall. ex C.B.Clarke
Aneilema sienneum Blatt.
Commelina lanuginosa B.Heyne ex Hook.f. [Invalid]
Murdannia siennea (Blatt.) Raizada
Phaeneilema lanuginosum (Wall. ex C.B.Clarke) G.Brückn.
Phaeneilema sienneum (Blatt.) Raizada


Endemic to Western Ghats of Peninsular India
State - Kerala, District/s: Palakkad, Kannur, Wayanad




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