Buff-tailed coronet

Boissonneaua flavescens

The buff-tailed coronet is a species of hummingbird from the family Trochilidae. It is found in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Distinguishing characteristics are the short bill, glittering green coloration, and buffy color under the remiges and rectrices.
Buff-tailed Coronet - side view, Jardin, Colombia  Antioquia,Boissonneaua flavescens,Buff-tailed coronet,Colombia,Colombia Choco & Pacific region,Fall,Geotagged,Jardin,Jardín,South America,World


The buff-tailed coronet has only slight sexual dimorphism. The female is scaled with white feathers mostly throughout the chin and throat, and some on the belly. Prominent feather colorations are iridescent green with darker wing tips, and buffy hues under the wing and tail feathers. On the face, there is an obvious white post ocular spot on each side. Puffy white “boots” are present at the thighs, an orange tuft at the shoulder, and a short, dark bill. Average size for a buff-tailed coronet is 13.2-13.5 cm with a bill length of 1.8–2 cm.

The buff-tailed coronet and fawn-breasted brilliant are commonly confused due to their similar posterior coloration. The fawn-breasted brilliant has more buff coloration on its breast and underbelly.
Buff-tailed coronet, Quinde Luna, Ecuador Here's a slow motion video featuring this species back at the Bellavista lodge:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--7dDzEX0tc Bellavista Cloud Forest,Boissonneaua flavescens,Buff-tailed coronet,Ecuador,Ecuador 2021,Fall,Geotagged,Quinde Luna,South America,World


The buff-tailed coronet may share feeding areas with other hummingbirds, but it can be aggressive.
Buff-tailed Coronet Buff-tailed Coronet on Cerro Montezuma about 2,000m - spent time fighting with the Velvet-purple Coronets Boissonneaua flavescens,Buff-tailed coronet,Cerro Montezuma


The bird occupies many types of habitat, including cloud forest, elfin forest, and páramo. It occurs at 1500 to 2400 meters in elevation.


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