Oberthür's grizzled skipper

Pyrgus armoricanus

Oberthür's grizzled skipper is a species of skipper . It is found throughout Europe although it is commoner in the south and absent from the British Isles and most of Scandinavia.

Like all ''Pyrgus'' species, this can be very difficult to identify in the field. It has a wingspan of 24–28 mm and the upperside of the forewings are often noticeably darker brown than other ''Pyrgus'' species, especially when fresh, with clear white markings. It resembles some smaller races of large grizzled skipper but can usually be recognized by the pale reddish brown colour of the under hindwings with a large pale central spot. ''P. armoricanus'' flies in May and June with a second generation in the south of the range in August and September. Adults of this second generation are usually smaller than those of the first.

In most of Europe the larva feeds on ''Potentilla'' species and Woodland Strawberry . In southern Scandinavia , however, the main larval food plant is ''Filipendula vulgaris'' and to some extent also ''Helianthemum nummularium''

The species is named after the French entomologist Charles Oberthür who originally described it.

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