Heliotrope moth

Utetheisa pulchelloides

"Utetheisa pulchelloides", the heliotrope moth, is a moth of the family Erebidae. It is found in the Indo-Australian region including Borneo, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Papua, Seychelles and most of Australia.
Heliotrope Moth taken at onkaparinga gorge south australia Australia,Geotagged,Heliotrope Moth,Moth,Moth Week 2018,Spring,Utetheisa pulchelloides


Hindwing of male with no fold or glandular tuft on inner margin. Head and thorax yellowish. Collar and tegula each with two black spots.

Each thoracic segment with one each black spot. Third joint of palpi black and abdomen whitish. Forewing white with five interrupted scarlet bands with series of black spots between them.

A marginal series of black spots present. Hindwings are semi-diaphanous white, but some specimen with black on the discocellulars. A very irregular black sub-marginal band, broad at apical area and between veins 1b and 3. Larva dark grey with a dorsal white band and sub-dorsal series of red spots.

Head yellow. It pupates in a loose cocoon that spun in the leaf litter on the ground below the food plant.
Heliotrope moth - Utetheisa pulchelloides  Australia,Eamw moth,Geotagged,Heliotrope moth,Spring,Utetheisa pulchelloides


The species was first described by George Hampson in 1907.

⤷  "Utetheisa pulchelloides pulchelloides" Hampson, 1907
⤷  "Utetheisa pulchelloides aphanis" Jordan, 1939
⤷  "Utetheisa pulchelloides darwini" Jordan, 1939 Islands)
⤷  "Utetheisa pulchelloides marshallorum" Rothschild, 1910
⤷  "Utetheisa pulchelloides papuana" Jordan, 1939
⤷  "Utetheisa pulchelloides umata" Jordan, 1939
⤷  "Utetheisa pulchelloides vaga" Jordan, 1939

"Utetheisa salomonis" may also belong into this species.
Heliothis moth - Utetheisa pulchelloides A diurnal moth photographed in central Victoria/ Australia. Heliotrope moth,Utetheisa pulchelloides


The larvae feed on "Argusia argentea", "Echium plantagineum", "Heliotropium arborescens" and "Myosotis arvensis".
Heliotrope moth - Utetheisa pulchelloides  Australia,Eamw-moth,Fall,Geotagged,Heliotrope moth,Utetheisa pulchelloides


Adults undertake extensive and frequent migratory flights and can reach the most remote oceanic islands, such as Henderson Island and Ducie Island.


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