Phrynarachne ceylonica

Phrynarachne ceylonica

Phrynarachne Ceylonica is a spider species in the taxonomic classification of the crab spiders (Thomisidae).

The animal belongs to the genus Phrynarachne. The scientific name of the species was first validly published in 1884 by Octavius ​​Pickard-Cambridge.

The spider Phrynarachne ceylonica‘s foul smell may help it attract prey and deter predators.
Master of mimicry - Bird dung spider Here is the macro image of Phrynarachne ceylonica which i had shared earlier. Bird Dropping Spider,Phrynarachne ceylonica,bangalore,blue bottle fly,india,karnataka,spider


Ornithoscatoides nigra
Ornithoscatoides ceylonica
Bird's Dropping Spider - Phrynarachne ceylonica Bird's Dropping Spider - Phrynarachne ceylonica with bright yellow colour on its front legs/claws and tip of claws in black colour. Bird Dropping Spider,Bird's Dropping Spider,Palawan,Philippines,Phrynarachne,Phrynarachne ceylonica,Phrynarachne sp,Spider


Undergrowth at forest fringes in South-East Asia
Master of mimicry - Bird dung spider For humans mimicry is an art, but for many species mimicry is an adaptation, a mechanism programmed deep in the DNA which enables a species to survive in a world where survival is not easy! This biological mimicry can be seen in single cellular organisms and multi-cellular organisms.

The most common predators of spiders are birds, geckos, wasps, spiders, other insects and fungi! The spiders has various adaptations to escape from the predators. Once such adaptions is to mimic as the feces of its prime predator. Here you can see one such adaption. A spider mimicking as a bird shit!! A crab spider evolved to mimic the bird shit/dung to avoid being preyed upon by the birds.

Came across this species in bangalore on a leaf along a path. The spider was seen in that particular place for 3 weeks and disappeared. The last time i saw it had grown very huge. It fed exclusively on green bottle fly. I'm not sure if the spider was choosy in its prey or perhaps it was just a co-incidence! Whatever it be it was amazing spotting.
Will share the close up image in a few days.  Bird Dropping Spider,Phrynarachne,Phrynarachne ceylonica,Phrynarachne decipiens,bangalore,bird dung,bird shit,habitat,india,karnataka,mimicry,spider


they mimic bird droppings in colour, shape, size and smell, deceiving predators. When they draw their legs close to their body and stop moving, the masquerade is complete.

“Birds, almost all with good eyesight, will not go for what appears to be their own turd for food,” says Joseph K.H. Koh of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Singapore.


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