Phrynarachne decipiens

Phrynarachne decipiens

''Phrynarachne decipiens'', the bird-dropping spider, is a species of tropical crab spider from Malaysia, Sumatra and Java.
It mimics a bird dropping in its appearance and the way it behaves.
Bird's Poo! Not definitely sure, the ID I was given, indicating most likely Phrynarachne decipiens - Bird Dropping Spider.
This was quite a pleasant surprise, the Spider has somehow managed to cover itself with the whitish stuff and around it (I wonder how it does that) to make it looks like bird's droppings to attracts other insects to feed on it.

During the whole duration we were taking picture of this Spider, it doesn't moves at all, probably thinking by staying still, it is invisible in its camouflage. Bird's Dropping Spider,Palawan,Philippines,Phrynarachne decipiens,Spider


The bird-dropping spider is a master of deception. It crouches stationary on a leaf or other level surface and exhibits an elaborate combination of form and colour, the posture it adopts and the character of its web so as to simulate accurately a patch of bird's excreta. The underside of its abdomen is chalky white and its legs black. It weaves a small irregular white web on the surface of a prominently placed leaf and adopts an upside-down pose near the centre of the web with its legs folded, anchoring itself in place with some spines on its legs. The effect of this is to create the impression of a semi-solidified bird's dropping with a white raised centre with black specks, a surrounding thinner, more liquid portion and even a drip effect on the lowest margin ending with a little knob. The mimicry is enhanced by the fact that the spider emits an odour not unlike bird excreta.


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