Hedychrum rutilans

Hedychrum rutilans

''Hedychrum rutilans'' is a species of cuckoo wasps belonging to the family Chrysididae. These cuckoo wasps are mainly present in Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and in North Africa.

Their head and thorax are metallic green with red red spots, while the abdomen is red colored. The color is more green and partially golden in the male and more extensively golden-red in the female. The whole body is quite hairy.

The adults grow up to 4–10 mm long and can be encountered from late June to September, mainly feeding on flowers of ''Mentha'' species, ''Achillea millefolium'' and ''Euphorbia paralias'', but also on honeydew or various exudates. They prefer sandy and warm habitats.

''Hedychrum rutilans'' is a case of cleptoparasitism of Beewolf . The female cuckoo wasp lays its eggs on the paralyzed honeybees workers serving as provisions for the beewolf larvae, transported by the female beewolf in its brood cells. The cuckoo wasp larvae feeds on the honeybees and on larvae of the beewolf.
Hedychrum rutilans One of my first Cuckoo-wasp images ever (2006), ID'd at the time by Christian Schmid-Egger Aculeata,Chrysididae,Hedychrum,Hedychrum rutilans,Hymenoptera,cuckoo wasp


*''Hedychrum rutilans'' var. ''rutilans'' Dahlbom, 1854
⤷ ''Hedychrum rutilans'' var. ''subparvulum'' Linsenmaier, 196
⤷ ''Hedychrum rutilans'' var. ''viridiauratum'' Mocsáry, 1889
⤷ ''Hedychrum rutilans'' var. ''viridiaureum'' Tournier, 1877


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