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Gold wasp Fantastic macro of a Gold wasp, called like that for their metallic-like body color.  Chrysididae,Hedychrum,Hedychrum rutilans,Hymenoptera,bugs,gold wasp,insects,lifeware,macro,nature,wasp Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies intro

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  1. brilliant colors en very nice dof Posted 11 years ago
    1. Thanks Ellen! Posted 11 years ago
  2. Very beautiful and attractive macro! Posted 11 years ago
  3. Impressive macro ! Posted 11 years ago
  4. Beautiful colored little creature! Posted 11 years ago
  5. From today's JungleDragon Facebook post:

    "The beautiful Golden Cuckoo Wasp (Hedychrum rutilans) has a spectacular, iridescent and metallic appearance with colors that cover the entire visible spectrum of light! They are parasitoids on the larvae of beewolves (Philanthus sp.). Female golden cuckoo wasps enter beewolf nests and lay their eggs on paralyzed honeybees that were placed there by female beewolves as food provisions for their own larvae. When the cuckoo wasp larvae hatch, they feed on the honeybees AND on the larvae of the beewolf! So, not only do they "steal" the food intended for the beewolf larvae, but they also eat the larvae themselves. Pretty devious! You would think that the beewolf females would detect these sneaky, parasitic invaders as they enter their nest. But, the golden cuckoo wasp is able to evade detection by employing chemical camouflage! They accomplish this by synthesizing compounds that mimic the odor of the honeybees! So, they enter the beewolf nests completely undetected and leave no traitorous chemical scent behind. Basically, the golden cuckoo wasps steal and parasitize the beewolf's food source, and they accomplish this feat using chemical mimicry! That's amazing specialization! {Spotted by JungleDragon user, Lifeware} #JungleDragon"
    Posted 4 years ago
  6. Beautiful photographic capture! Posted 4 years ago
  7. Love it, congratulations for this wonderful photo ;-) Posted one year ago

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''Hedychrum rutilans'' is a species of cuckoo wasps belonging to the family Chrysididae. These cuckoo wasps are mainly present in Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and in North Africa.

Their head and thorax are metallic green with red red spots, while the abdomen is red colored. The color is more green and partially golden in the male and more extensively golden-red in the female. The whole body is quite hairy.

The adults grow up.. more

Species identified by Ferdy Christant
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By Lifeware

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Uploaded Jul 12, 2011. Captured Jul 12, 2011 21:41.
  • NIKON D300
  • ISO250
  • 60mm