Common baskettail

Epitheca cynosura

The common baskettail is a dragonfly of the Corduliidae family.
The thorax is brown and hairy.
Some specimens have a triangular spot at the base of the hindwing.
Individuals are difficult to distinguish from the other species in this genus.
The caudal appendages differ between the species and
can be compared with known drawings or close-up photos.
Their flight season can begin as early as January and extends to August.
They may also be seen October to December in north Florida.
Eight Winged Flyer I know there are over 5500 species of Dragon Flies but I never saw one one with eight wings! Count them! Could someone ID this beautiful creature?
Thank you Common baskettail,Epitheca cynosura


This is the most common baskettail within its range, hence the name.
The scientific name, ''cynosura'', means dog tail, and possibly refers to way the cerci at the end of the abdomen curve outward like a dog wagging its tail one way then the other.


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SpeciesE. cynosura