Sleepy Orange

Eurema nicippe

The Sleepy Orange is a North American butterfly in the family Pieridae. It is also found in the West Indies, Costa Rica and Belize.
Sleepy Orange - Abaeis nicippe Fall Form (Female) I've seen this flying around and mostly saw the orange wings until it landed on the Yellow Alder.  I wish the leaf wasn't in the way however it's taken me days to get this shot. describes female differences with male Eurema nicippe,Fall,Geotagged,Sleepy Orange,United States


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The Sleepy Orange is a bright orange butterfly with the upper side of the wings having wide black borders. The forewing coastal margin has a small, narrow black spot. Some people think that the Sleepy Orange got its name from the black spot that looks like a closed eye; others say that the Sleepy Orange is a misnomer because, when disturbed, the butterfly has a very rapid flight. The underside of the wings varies seasonally: summer forms are bright yellow with brick red markings, while winter forms are browner and more heavily marked. It has a wingspan of 13⁄8–21⁄4 inches.
Sleepy Orange (Abaeis nicippe) At a meadowy clearing near a forest/wetland. Eurema nicippe,Geotagged,Sleepy Orange,Summer,United States


* ''Colias eurytheme'' - Orange Sulphur
⤷  ''Eurema proterpia'' - Tailed Orange
Sleepy Orange (Abaeis nicippe) Resting in foliage ate the edge of a pond in a wetland habitat in Floyd County, GA, US. Abaeis,Eurema nicippe,Geotagged,Lepidoptera,Sleepy Orange,Summer,United States,butterflies,butterfly,wetland,wetlands


The eggs are pale greenish-yellow and turn red just before hatching. They are laid on the underside of the host plant leaves, or sometimes on flowers. The larva is fuzzy and grayish-green, with a whitish-yellow side stripe. The chrysalis varies from green to brownish black. Adult Sleepy Oranges migrate south to spend the winter. They have 2–4 broods per year.
Abaeis nicippe Sorry so blurry, wanted to show the bright colors of the forewings, it's a brilliant orange with brown edges Eurema nicippe,Fall,Geotagged,Sleepy Orange,United States


The Sleepy Orange may be found in or around old fields, roadsides, woods edges, swamps, wet meadows, open woodlands, margins of ponds, waterways, and valleys.


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SpeciesE. nicippe