Laothoe populi

Laothoe populi

The Poplar Hawk-moth is a moth of the family Sphingidae. It is found throughout the Palearctic region and the Near East and is one of the most common members of the family in the region.
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This is a large , odd-looking, species due to its habit of resting with its hindwings held further forward than the forewings . It is said to look like a cluster of dead leaves of the main host, poplar. When disturbed, the moth will suddenly reveal a bright orange-red basal patch on the hindwing, possibly as a distraction or startle display. Gynandromorphs, half female and half male, are common. The wings are grey marked with darker grey fascia but with the greys occasionally replaced by buffish tones .There is a white spot at the distal edge of the cell on the fore wings.
Hawk Moth This huge Hawk Moth was in my back garden i think its wing was injured as it wasnt flying anywhere, we left it under some ivy overnight it was gone the next day, my friends and family had never seen one this big before, was proud of myself for spotting it and taking care of it. Geotagged,Laothoe populi,United Kingdom,big wings,hawk moth


*''Laothoe populi populi''
⤷ ''Laothoe populi lappona''
Laothoe populi Laothoe populi Geotagged,Ireland,Laothoe populi,Summer


One or two broods are produced each year and adults can be seen from May to September. The adults do not feed. The species overwinters as a pupa.


On first hatching the larva is pale green with small yellow tubercules and a cream-coloured tail horn. Later, it develops yellow diagonal stripes on its sides, and pink spiracles. Individuals feeding on willows may become quite heavily spotted with red. Others are more bluish white with cream stripes and tubercules. They are stout bodied, and grow to 65–85 mm.


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