Dragon Bamboo

Dendrocalamus giganteus

''Dendrocalamus giganteus'', also known as Giant Bamboo or Dragon Bamboo, is a giant tropical and subtropical dense clumping species native to Southeast Asia. It is one of the largest bamboo trees in the world.

A very tall, large culmed, grayish green bamboo which grows in clumps consisting of a large number of closely growing culms, and reaches a height of 30-40m. Under favorable conditions, it can grow up to 40cm per day. Cultivated at low, and high altitudes, commonly in river banks, in home gardens. It is found in South Asian such as, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand. The plant is known as "යෝධ උණ - yodha una" in Sinhala.
Giant Bamboo (Dragon Bamboo), Kandy, Sri Lanka According to the sign, the world's tallest known bamboo, growing up 90 to 130 ft with a diameter of 10 inches, with a maximum growth rate of 1 ft per day. 1 ft per day, if I would have the time, I'd totally make a time-lapse video of that! Asia,Dendrocalamus giganteus,Fall,Geotagged,Kandy,Sri Lanka


In India, it is a popular for bridge construction. Used in house frames walls, reinforcement of concrete, ladders, scaffolding, tiles, and floor coverings, and the leaves for thatching.


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