Aphantaulax signicollis

Aphantaulax signicollis

A member of the family Gnaphosidae - flat-bellied ground spiders. Aphantaulax are medium sized spiders with antlike bodies, dark with white bands of hair. They are mainly ground dwellers, sometimes found on plants.
Gnaphosidae do not spin a web. They either catch their prey with speed and agility or rapidly enswathe them with broad bands of silk. Their eyesight is poor and prey is perceived by tactile or chemotactic stimuli. Most Gnaphosids are ground dwellers with only a few living on plants where they roll the leaves in a similar fashion to clubonids. However, they do not construct a definite tube.
Flat bellied ground spider Mimicking a zebra. Another new one and rarely seen. It was by chance when I was looking for another spider that was hiding from me, I pulled back a leaf to find this! I replaced the leaf and will now await the birth of up to 250 little fluffy spiders. Aphantaulax,Aphantaulax signicollis,Geotagged,Gnaphosidae,South Africa,Summer,arachnids,south africa,spiders


7-8mm. Carapace is very dark brown, almost black. Abdomen is brownish black with two small oblique testaceous spots anteriorly and two long narrow oblique spots medially, the latter extending almost to the ventral surface; a dull testaceous mark centrally on the vertical surface. Legs are similar in colour proximally, dull red brown distally.


Tucker 1923


East and south coastal regions of South Africa


Free living ground spiders


Dry grassland and savanna regions, usually found under surface debris and stones.


Make a silken cocoon sac, often attached to their retreats. Egg sacs contain up to 250 eggs per sac.


Insects, sometimes ants.


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Field Guide to the Spiders of South Africa, Ansie Dipenaar-Schoeman, LAPA publishers 2014
SpeciesAphantaulax signicollis
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South Africa