Coffee bee hawkmoth

Cephonodes hylas

The Coffee bee hawkmoth, (Cephonodes hylas), also known as the pellucid hawk moth or Coffee clearwing, is a moth of the family Sphingidae. A largely distributed moth, it if found in the Near East, Middle East, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Southeast Asia and Australia.
Coffee bee hawkmoth (Pellucid hawk moth)-Cephonodes hylas  Cephonodes hylas,Coffee bee hawkmoth,Geotagged,Hummingbird hawk-moth,Indonesia,Spring


It has transparent wings and a stout body like a bumble bee. Its wingspan of 45–73 mm. Marginal border are very narrow and black. Abdomen varies in color from yellow to green. Nominate subspecies has bright reddish 3rd and 4th abdominal segments. Larva have two color forms, green and blackish. In greenish form, body greenish with a white-bordered blue dorsal line and whitish sub-dorsal line ending in a yellow streak at base of horn. Head and spiracles are blue colored. In the dark-coloured form, head brown or pale orange and rest of body smoky-black. Pupa dark brown in color.
Coffee bee hawkmoth (Pellucid hawk moth)-Cephonodes hylas  Cephonodes hylas,Coffee bee hawkmoth,Geotagged,Indonesia,Spring


*''Cephonodes hylas hylas'' (Sri Lanka to China and Japan)
⤷ ''Cephonodes hylas australis'' - Kitching & Cadiou, 2000 (Australia)
⤷ ''Cephonodes hylas melanogaster'' - Cadiou, 1998 (Indonesia)
⤷ ''Cephonodes hylas virescens'' - (Linnaeus 1771) (Ethiopian Region including Madagascar and the Seychelles)
Bee hawkmoth  Cephonodes hylas,Coffee bee hawkmoth,Fall,Geotagged,India


Larvae are sluggish but eat very greedily and continuously. Its larvae feed on ''Burchellia'', ''Gardenia'', ''Kraussia'', ''Pavetta'' and ''Vangueria'' species. Parasitoids such as ''Ooencyrtus papilionis'' and ''Blepharipa zebrine'' are found on larva.


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SpeciesC. hylas