Flaming Katy

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

''Kalanchoe blossfeldiana'' is a herbaceous and commonly cultivated house plant of the genus ''Kalanchoe'' native to Madagascar. It is known by the English common names Flaming Katy, Christmas Kalanchoe, Florist Kalanchoe and Madagascar widow's-thrill.
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana This wonderful little (Madagascar native) plant is a colorful addition to our home that does so well in the winter months. 

These plants are cultivated as ornamental houseplants and rock or succulent garden plants. They are popular because of their ease of propagation, low water requirements, and wide variety of flower colors. Georgia,Geotagged,Kalanchoe blossfeldiana,United States


''Kalanchoe blossfeldiana'' is a glabrous, bushy, evergreen and perennial succulent plant which can reach an ultimate height of between 30–45 cm and an ultimate spread of between 10–50 cm . ''K. blossfeldiana'' has a round habit and a moderate plant density; its growth rate has been described as 'slow'. The plant has green, shiny and textured glossy foliage which stays green all year round. The scallop-edged and ovate leaves leaves are arranged in an opposite/subopposite fashion, are simple in type with crenate margins and an oblong shape. The arrangement of the veins in a leaf can be absent or very hard to see; the leaf blades are 5–10 cm. long. ''K. blossfeldiana'' flowers in late autumn to early winter; each flower has four petals and can be one of a wide variety of colours, from the dark reds and pinks to oranges, golds and whites. The infloresences are born by peduncles which are higher up than the leaves and are terminal in nature.

Parts of ''Kalanchoe blossfeldiana'' are poisonous if ingested.
Flaming Katy These plants doesn't need too much water but now they have a lot. Geotagged,Kalanchoe blossfeldiana,Mexico,Summer


''Kalanchoe blossfeldiana'' is in the ''Kalanchoe ''section of the ''Kalanchoe ''genus, with a description of the plant published in 1934 . With regards to the etymology of the binomial, the generic name ''Kalanchoe'' has been alleged to have originated "from the Chinese name for one of the species." ...hieroglyph snipped... The Oxford English Dictionary states that it is "based on [the] Chinese gāláncài", whilst the Collins English Dictionary merely restates the claim that the generic name was derived from the local Chinese name for one of the species. The specific epithet ''blossfeldiana'' is in tribute to German hybridiser and botanist Robert Blossfeld, who first introduced the plant to the rest of the world in 1932. The common name Christmas Kalanchoe comes from the plant's flamboyant and colourful blooms in winter.
Cheerful Kalanchoe Kalanchoe blossfeldiana hybrids provide a lovely pop of bright colour in some of my window boxes. Mainly native to Madagascar and tropical Africa, no problem growing these outdoors here in Australia. 
An off centre composition of one of the colours on show right now. 
Small, at 22 cm height and each flower 15 mm diameter. Australia,Crassulaceae,Flaming Katy,Flora,Flowers,Geotagged,Kalanchoe blossfeldiana,Pink,Saxifragales,Spring,botany,orpine,pink flowers,plant,stonecrop


''Kalanchoe blossfeldiana'' is native to Madagascar, where the plant can be found growing in the relatively cool plateaus of the Tsarantanana Mountains; ''K. blossfeldiana'' in this environment grows in humus soil.
Pink Kalanchoe Saxifragales Crassulaceae.Selective focus Macro shot of Pink Kalanchoe. Selective focus Kalanchoe blossfeldiana,bloom,blooming,blossfeldiana,blossom,blossoming,botanic,botany,branch,calandiva,christmas,close,crassulaceae,cultivar,daylight,family,flaming,flora,florist,flowers


''Kalanchoe blossfeldiana'' is native to Madagascar, where the plant can be found growing in the relatively cool plateaus of the Tsarantanana Mountains; ''K. blossfeldiana'' in this environment grows in humus soil.Whilst generally disease free, ''Kalanchoe blossfeldiana'' can be damaged by pest insects such as ''Otiorhynchus sulcatus'' or mealybugs.


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