Cantharellus subalbidus

Cantharellus subalbidus

''Cantharellus subalbidus'', the white chanterelle, is a fungus native to California and the Pacific Northwest region of North America. It is a member of the genus ''Cantharellus'' along with other popular edible chanterelles. It is similar in appearance to other chanterelles except for its cream to white color and orange bruising.

''C. subalbidus'' may form a mycorrhizal association with species of pine, hemlock, Douglas-fir, and Pacific madrone. ''C. subalbidus'' has been found to be more common in old-growth forests than in younger forests.
White Chanterelle I'm such a chicken… I actually saw a few chanterelles - these white ones and a fair number of light orange ones- yesterday, but I have no desire to be wrong :p - even though chanterelles are supposed to be pretty safe. There were a great number of lobster mushrooms too, which are also supposed to pretty safe, but the consequences of being wrong…. (and it's been pretty wet recently… a lot of the shrooms showed signs of being a bit soggy, which is never too nice) Cantharellus subalbidus,Geotagged,United States


Several other species of chanterelle may be found in western North America:
⤷ ''C. californicus''
⤷ ''C. cascadensis''
⤷ ''C. cibarius'' var. ''roseocanus''
⤷ ''C. formosus''

Additionally, ''Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca'', ''Chroogomphus tomentosus'', and species in the genera ''Craterellus'', ''Gomphus'', ''Omphalotus'', and ''Polyozellus'' may have a somewhat similar appearance to ''C. subalbidus''.


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