Beautiful clavaria

Ramaria formosa

''Ramaria formosa'', commonly known as the beautiful clavaria, handsome clavaria, yellow-tipped- or pink coral fungus, is a coral fungus found in Europe and North America. It is a pinkish, much-branched coral-shape reaching some 20 cm high. Some forms collected in North America often lack the bitter taste common to European specimens and may represent a different species.
Ramaria formosa This is a picture of Ramaria formosa at the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary in Lothian, Maryland. Beautiful clavaria,Fall,Geotagged,Ramaria formosa,United States


The fruiting body of ''Ramaria formosa'' grows to a height of 20 cm; it is a many-branched coral-like structure, the yellow tipped pinkish branches arising from a thick base.

Terminal branches are less than 0.5 cm in diameter. The flesh is white, an important feature as edible members of the genus have yellowish flesh. Old specimens may fade so the original colour is hard to distinguish. The spore print is yellow. The smell is unpleasant and taste bitter. However, the taste has been reported as indistinct in North America.
Yellow-tipped Coral Fungus Quite eye catching on the dark forest floor. This specimen was one of many in the area.                          Beautiful clavaria,Canada,Fall,Geotagged,Ramaria formosa


Fruiting in autumn, ''Ramaria formosa'' is associated with beech and is found in Europe, and North America. Forms from the western areas are known to occur under conifers.
Yellow-tipped Coral - Ramaria formosa Cream-colored coral with a pink tint and yellow tips.

Habitat: Growing on the ground between two rocks in a mixed forest. Beautiful clavaria,Geotagged,Ramaria formosa,Summer,United States,coral fungus


Consumption of the fungus results in acute gastrointestinal symptoms of nausea, vomiting, colicky abdominal pain and diarrhea. The toxins responsible are unknown to date. It has been reported as edible if the acrid tips are removed.


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