Amata passalis

Amata passalis

Amata passalis is a species of wasp moth found in India.
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Species names
Amata passalis (Fabricius, 1781)
Zygaena passalis Fabricius, 1781
Zygaena cerbera Sulzer, 1776
Syntomis latreillii Boisduval, 1829
Syntomis montana Butler, 1876
Syntomis passalis
Eggstrodinary! Amata Passalis AKA Tiger Moth (Sandal Defoliator) - is a species of Moth that are found in several parts of India. They are very common especially in South India.

These eggs (~2 days old) are of a Tiger Moth, and I couldn't think of a better way to click their pic other than an extreme closeup. This high quality image of the eggs has good surface details. Watch it in full screen and zoom in! Amata Pasallis,Amata passalis,Bangalore,Eggs,Geotagged,India,Moth,Tiger moth,moth week 2018


India, Sri Lanka
Push, baby.. Push! Amata Passalis (Wasp Moth) - These moths gave me an opportunity to witness the process of their reproduction - from making out, till laying eggs! ;) Amata passalis,Geotagged,India,india,moth,wasp moth


The species completes its life cycle in 62.94±1.78 days with 8 larval instars. First and last instar larvae measure 1.97±0.06 mm and 29.29±2.52 mm in length, respectively. Adults emerge within 1-2 hours of sunrise and are ready for mating a day after. A fertilized female lays an average 305.68±122.30 eggs in a lifespan of 3.87±0.89 days. The species breeds throughout the year and passes through 6-11 generations a year.
Indian Wasp Moth (Amata passalis)  Amata passalis,Geotagged,Sri Lanka,Wasp moth


Amata passalis is a defoliator of sandalwood. It is also known to occur on various other host plants (e.g. cowpeas and various other pulses, and ornamental plants).


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Venkatesha ; Gopinath, K., 1992: The life-history and behaviour of Amata passalis Fabricius Lepidoptera: Arctiidae, a defoliator of sandalwood, Santalum album L. Indian Journal of Forestry 15(3): 229-233
SpeciesAmata passalis
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