Gray silverfish

Ctenolepisma longicaudatum

The gray silverfish, also known as giant silverfish or long-tailed silverfish, is a small insect whose Latin name is Ctenolepisma longicaudatum. As with the silverfish the gray silverfish has scales that cover the body in a silvery sheen. The gray silverfish can also move very fast. Gray silverfish are about two centimeters long and are found in books and paper. The insects often come into the house by hitchhiking with old books and newspapers, paper and old clothes.

They feed on organic material, such as paper fibers. They live in dry environments. The gray silverfish prefers dry and warm environments, while the silverfish prefers a moist and warm environment. In the shower you may encounter a silverfish, while the bookcase might have a gray silverfish. The firebrat is found mainly in bakeries and restaurant kitchens, and rarely in homes. It does not cause disease and is not dangerous to human health.

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