Common Hill Myna

Gracula religiosa

The Common Hill Myna, sometimes spelled "mynah" and formerly simply known as Hill Myna, is the myna most commonly seen in aviculture, where it is often simply referred to by the latter two names. It is a member of the starling family, resident in hill regions of South Asia and Southeast Asia.
Common Hill Myna Taken at Bhadra WLS. Common Hill Myna,Geotagged,Gracula  religiosa,India,Spring


This is a stocky jet-black myna, with bright orange-yellow patches of naked skin and fleshy wattles on the side of its head and nape. At about 29 cm length, it is somewhat larger than the common myna.

It is overall green-glossed black plumage, purple-tinged on the head and neck. Its large, white wing patches are obvious in flight, but mostly covered when the bird is sitting. The bill and strong legs are bright yellow, and there are yellow wattles on the nape and under the eye.
The common Hill Myna This was taken in Ganeshgudi near my childhood school. Ganeshgudi has turned out to be a beautiful dwelling place for most of birds and animals. Really feeling great that I had spent my childhood days here. Common hill myna,Geotagged,Gracula  religiosa,India


This myna is a resident breeder from Kumaon division in India east through Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh, the lower Himalayas, terai and foothills up to 2000 m ASL. Its range continues east through Southeast Asia northeastwards to southern China, and via Thailand southeastwards across northern Indonesia to Palawan in the Philippines.
Common Hill Myna - Gracula religiosa Pairi Daiza, Aug 2014. Belgium,Common Hill Myna,Geotagged,Gracula  religiosa,Summer


This myna is almost entirely arboreal, moving in large, noisy groups of half a dozen or so, in tree-tops at the edge of the forest. It hops sideways along the branch, unlike the characteristic jaunty walk of other mynas.
Here Comes The General  Common Hill Myna,Gracula  religiosa


They build a nest in a hole in a tree. The usual clutch is two or three eggs.
Myna_Bird_on_ruined_tree  Common Hill Myna,Geotagged,Gracula religiosa,India


Like most starlings, the hill myna is fairly omnivorous, eating fruit, nectar and insects.


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