Alsophila latebrosa

Alsophila latebrosa

''Alsophila latebrosa'', synonym ''Cyathea latebrosa'', is a common and widespread species of tree fern native to Indochina. Its natural range covers Cambodia and Thailand, and stretches from the Malay Peninsula to Indonesia, where it is present on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.
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The trunk of ''Alsophila latebrosa'' is erect and usually grows to a height of 3–4 m. Fronds may be bi- or tripinnate and are about 2 m long. They are lighter in colouration underneath and form a sparse, feathery crown. The stipe is reddish-brown, spiny, and bears some scales near the base. These scales are dark, glossy, and have fragile edges. Stipes may be retained in younger plants, forming a characteristic messy skirt around the trunk. Sori occur near the fertile pinnule midvein. They are protected by small, bilobed indusia that are scale-like in appearance.

''A. latebrosa'' is a variable tree fern. Large and Braggins note that it forms part of a complex of species that is not fully understood.

''A. latebrosa'' appears to be most closely related to ''Alsophila incisoserrata'', from which it differs in pinnule morphology and in not having scales throughout the length of the stipe.


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