Alsophila erinacea

Alsophila erinacea

''Alsophila erinacea'', synonym ''Cyathea erinacea'', is a species of tree fern native to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. It grows in tropical rain forests, particularly in the understory, and on riverbanks up to the montane zone at an altitude of about 800–2,100 metres.
Tree Fern - Alsophila_erinacea Reserva de Santa Elena, Costa Rica (2014). Alsophila  erinacea,Alsophila erinacea,Costa Rica,Geotagged,Spring


The erect trunk of ''Alsophila erinacea'' is up to 15 metres tall, 7–10 cm in diameter and has black spines. The arching fronds are bipinnate, up to 3.5 m long and form a sparse crown. The rachis and stipe are scaly and may be either straw-coloured or brown to dark brown. The scales are bicoloured, having a dark brown to blackish centre and pale whitish margin, as well as a terminal seta. Characteristically of this species, pinnule veins bear whitish scales with star-shaped setae. Sori are round and form on either side of the pinnule midvein. They are covered by globose indusia.


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