Book Triggerplant

Stylidium calcaratum

''Stylidium calcaratum'', the book triggerplant, is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the genus ''Stylidium''. It is an ephemeral annual that grows from 5 to 10 cm tall but can grow larger at 20–30 cm tall in damp forest or scrub habitat.
Book trigger plant - Stylidium calcaratum A minute trigger plant . I only found it with the help of my wife. I didn’t realise how small it was . The flower is approximately 6 t0 10 mm and the stem is only approximately 4-5 cm. Once my I got used to look at them ,I found hundreds of them. Thanks to my better half. Australia,Geotagged,Spring,Stylidium calcaratum,Stylidium calcuratum


The few ovate leaves produced by this plant form basal rosettes around the stem. The leaves are around 3–5 mm long on short petioles.

The scapes are 2–30 cm tall and produce single flowers in smaller plants and up to nine flowers in larger, more robust plants. Flowers are pink or white with red spots or lines at the individual petal bases.

The petals are vertically paired and will fold over to meet each other at night or in adverse weather conditions.


''S. calcaratum'' is endemic to Australia and has a distribution that ranges from Victoria through South Australia and into Western Australia. Its habitat is recorded as being wet flats or near creeks and seepages.


Pollination is achieved by a grey fly, ''Comptosia cuneata''.


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