Bath White

Pontia daplidice

The Bath White is a small butterfly of the family "Pieridae", the Yellows and Whites, which occurs in the Palearctic region. It is common in central and southern Europe, migrating northwards every summer, often reaching southern Scandinavia and sometimes southern England.
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The Bath White is a small white butterfly with a wingspan of 45 to 50 mm. The underside of the hindwing has a pattern of greenish blotches, which is characteristic of the Bath Whites and easily identifies it from other pierids.

Sexes can be differentiated by markings on the forewing. The male is differentiated from the female by the markings on the upperside of the forewing. The apex of the forewing is black with white spots and lines. There is a black spot at the end of the cell. In the case of the female, there is an additional discal spot in 1b. The female also has an obscure row of terminal and marginal spots on the upper hindwing.
Pontia daplidice on Cephalaria joppensis  Bath White,Geotagged,Israel,Pontia daplidice,Summer


The following subspecies are recognised:
⤷ "Pontia daplidice daplidice"
⤷ "Pontia daplidice moorei", Yunnan)
⤷ "Pontia daplidice avidia"
⤷ "Pontia daplidice amphimara"
⤷ "Pontia daplidice nubicola"
⤷ "Pontia daplidice laenas"
⤷ "Pontia daplidice praeclara"
⤷ "Pontia daplidice aethiops"

Three other species of genus "Pontia" occur in India. They are the :-
⟶ * Lofty Bath White "Pontia callidice" 1865.
⟶ * Lesser Bath White "Pontia chloridice" Hübner 1803/18.
⟶ * Desert Bath White "Pontia glauconome" Klug
Bath white  Bath White,Bath white,Bulgaria,Pontia daplidice


In South Asia, the butterfly is known to be found in the Kashmir Valley and the plains of Peshawar in April.


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