Alcantarea imperialis

Alcantarea imperialis

''Alcantarea imperialis'' is a species of bromeliad in the genus ''Alcantarea''. This species is endemic to Brazil.
Alcantarea imperialis bromeliad flower buds Endemic to Brazil in rocky slope locations. 

A large and stunning bromeliad with a dense rosette of wide strap-like, corrugated leaves with a smooth margin. This stunning plant takes years to flower just once before producing offsets with a large flower spike (up to 2.5 m in height) that is covered with hundreds of flowers. The flower spike can last up to 12 months. After flowering, the mother plant will start to die-back while new pups are produced alongside.

This is cultivar 'Rubra'. Leaves of this plant turn a gorgeous burgundy in high sunlight. 

Growing to an impressive 1.5 m x 1.5 m. Alcantarea imperialis,Australia,Bromeliaceae,Bromeliad,Flora,Geotagged,Imperial bromeliad,Poales,Winter,botany,plant


This large terrestrial bromeliad was once classified as ''Vriesea imperialis'' but is now recognized as part of the genus ''Alcantarea''. It can be found growing on rocky slopes in the Serra dos Órgãos in Rio de Janeiro. It can tolerate dry conditions and full sunlight. Considered one of the giants of the genus, "its leathery leaves measuring 6 inches in width and 5 feet in length." It will take years before producing an imposing red inflorescence that reaches 8 feet in height.


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