Hop Looper

Hypena humuli

''Hypena humuli'', the hop looper or hop vine moth, is a moth of the family Erebidae. It is found from coast to coast in Canada south in the east to Florida and Arkansas in the west to California.
Hypena humuli - Hop Vine Moth TL: ~15 mm. Small black orbicular spot; PM lines fade before reaching inner margin; short apical dash; distal half of costa has pale brown patch. Hosts: Common hop and stinging nettle.

Habitat: Attracted to a 395 nm LED light in a rural area

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The wingspan is 25–32 mm. The moth flies all year round in the south and west and from April to November in the northeast. There are two generations per year northward over most of the east.

The larva, or hop worm, is about an inch long when full grown, of a greenish-white color, watery looking or semi transparent, and slightly striped and dotted, having fourteen legs. The mouth is yellowish, and the tips of the jaws black. The larvae appear early in June, and continue until late in August. They feed on ''Laportea'' species, hop, nettle and wood nettle.


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SpeciesH. humuli