Bandtooth conger

Ariosoma balearicum

The bandtooth conger , also known as the Baleares conger or the Balearic conger, is an eel in the family Congridae . It was described by François Étienne Delaroche in 1809, originally under the genus ''Muraena''. It is a subtropical, marine eel which is known from the western and eastern Atlantic and the western Indian Ocean, including North Carolina, USA; the northern Gulf of Mexico, northern South America, Canada, Portugal, Angola, the Mediterranean, and the Red Sea. It inhabits reefs and littoral shelves, and burrows into sand and mud. It dwells at a depth range of 1–732 metres, but most frequently between 20–100 m. Males can reach a maximum total length of 35 centimetres, but more commonly reach a TL of 25 cm.

The Bandtooth conger is of minor interest to fisheries.

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