Rose chafer

Cetonia aurata

''Cetonia aurata'', called the rose chafer or, sometimes, the green rose chafer or goldsmith beetle, is a beetle, 20 mm long, that has a metallic green colouration and a distinct V-shaped scutellum.

The scutellum is the small V-shaped area between the wing cases; it may show several small, irregular, white lines and marks.

The underside of the beetle has a coppery colour, and its upper side is sometimes bronze, copper, violet, blue/black, or grey.

''Cetonia aurata'' should not be confused with the North American rose chafer, ''Macrodactylus subspinosus''.

The rarely seen noble chafer is very similar to the rose chafer. One way to identify it is to look at its scutellum; on the noble chafer the scutellum is an equilateral triangle, but on the rose chafer it is an isosceles triangle.

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