Mustard powder lichen

Chrysothrix candelaris

"Chrysothrix candelaris", commonly known as the mustard powder lichen or gold dust lichen, is a species of lichen in the family Chrysotrichaceae. It typically grows on tree bark. It does not show ascocarps or other reproductive structures, belonging to the group commonly known as the 'Fungi or lichens imperfecti' in the UK.
Gold lichen ?  Australia,Chrysothrix candelaris,Geotagged,Mustard powder lichen,Winter


As suggested by its name, "C. candelaris" is bright yellow, orange-yellow, or greenish-yellow. It has a powdery appearance, a superficial thallus and lacks apothecia, soredia and isidia. It covers the substrate like a crust and therefore belongs to the leprose group of lichens.

Laundon described three chemotypes of this species: one with the chemical clycin, one with pinatric acid, and a third with both of these compounds.
Chrysothrix candelaris This is a picture of Chrysothrix candelaris at Batts Neck Park on Kent Island in Stevensville, Maryland. Chrysothrix candelaris,Geotagged,Mustard powder lichen,Spring,United States


This lichen is widespread and common in the United Kingdom, being found on the bark of deciduous trees, especially rugged old specimens, such as sycamore, alder, oak, willow, beech, and Pinus species, normally in dry shaded parts. and occasionally on the sheltered faces of siliceous rocks. It is found in North America, Scotland, Hungary, Iran, Latvia and has been recorded in the Cape Verde Islands.
Chrysothrix candelaris (?) Possibly Chrysothrix candelaris. Found on the end of an old timber at the corner of a barn that is dry much of the time but does get soggy after heavy rains. This specimen is damp. The substrate is some species of pine. Chrysothrix candelaris,Geotagged,Spring,United States,barn,crustose lichen,lichen,old wood,pine,yellow-green lichen


Lacking apothecia, soredia and isidia, "C. candelaris" is not able to reproduce by spores, but spreads by its thallus becoming distributed by the wind, the feet of animals, etc. to suitable habitats.


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