Acacia blue

Surendra vivarna

''Surendra vivarna'', the acacia blue, is a species of lycaenid or hairstreak butterfly found in Sri Lanka, India and the Indonesian islands as far as Sulawesi.
The acacia blue butterfly, Surendra vivarna vivarna - Male, upperside  Acacia blue,Geotagged,Indonesia,Spring,Surendra vivarna


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Upperside: both wings rather intense deep blue: primaries with the costa broadly, posterior margin more broadly, apex still more broadly black ; secondaries with the blue limited to just over the median area, the rest of the wings black. Tails two, black, the longer one white-tipped. Underside : both wings very dark greyish brown: primaries with an obscure dark dot near the centre of the cell and a small dash closing it, costa with three dark dots; transverse blackish line curved irregularly and scalloped from the costa to the submedian nervure, a submarginal row of blackish dots, margin obscurely dark, internal area quite pale: secondaries with a small white spot about one-third along the costal nervure, below which is an obscure dark short dash in the cell; from two-thirds along the costa to the middle of the abdominal margin is a narrow, indefinite, obscure band of dark shading edged externally and sharply with white, a submarginal row of dark spots forming an almost lunular line; on each side of the long tail is a slight grey scaling.

Upperside: both wings entirely dark brown. Underside as in the male, but decidedly paler.— Bethune-Baker, ''A Revision of the Amblypodia Group of Butterflies of the Family Lycaenidae''
The acacia blue butterfly, Surendra vivarna vivarna - Male, lowerside  Acacia blue,Geotagged,Indonesia,Spring,Surendra vivarna


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⤷  ''Surendra vivarna palowna'' Staudinger, 1889,
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⤷  ''Surendra vivarna agdistis'' Fruhstorfer
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⤷  ''Surendra vivarna discalis'' Moore
The Acacia blue butterfly, Surendra vivarna vivarna, family Lycaenidae  Acacia blue,Fall,Geotagged,Indonesia,Surendra vivarna


Fabaceae and it is facultatively attended by various ants.


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